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Interesting 01-23-07 16:34
AS I do know that this site derived from Putnam, and I want a place I can actually put my thoughts that isn't Myspace or blogspot, this seemed adequate.
Inrecent times I had found my boyfriend's old blog. I think you might know him... we've been dating forever now... Jeffy had such a cute blog.
It's finals week in good ol' high school... it's pretty lame how I am so young. Got 5 college classes this semester- big mistake. Only getting like a... 3.0, best. Yuck.
So... I need to go aand get things done. I will probably post a lot more, I like the privacy here as opposed to other such blogs.

Later, Gator.
Hello, 01-23-07 16:29
Hello my name is eringirl. I'm new to elowel.